Merriam-Webster defines anticipation as “the act of looking forward; especially: pleasurable expectation”

Did you ever feel like you were standing on the edge of something truly incredible?

As I left work this morning the smell of spring was in the air, riding softly on the morning breeze, creeping in quietly as Old Man Winter struggles to hold on with icy fingers.

Something you are sure you have never experienced before but you can feel it growing as a stream does with each droplet of water that, with the sun’s gentle glow, thaws from the icy winter snows.

I looked to the east as I made my way across the parking lot to my car and a gloriously beautiful sunrise was greeting the day, kissing the earth and giving a rosy blush to the snowy blanket of white that covers her – the promise of a new day quietly unfolding.

Did you ever want to slow life down so that you could immerse yourself totally in the wonder that is unfolding before you?

It seems that I am standing on the edge of incredible – anticipation is casting rays of ‘pleasurable expectation’ over me and I find myself wanting to bask in the glow as I, like the long frozen ground welcomes the harbinger of spring. I do not want to rush headlong into the experience however, I find myself hoping against hope that time stands still so I can savor each emotion, absorb every tiny nuance, and become completely engulfed in the wonder that surrounds me.

Anticipation is indeed keeping me waiting…

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