It seems that my creativity has taken a hike and I was not invited! I have been wrestling with a blog post for several days now and it seems that I am down for the count.

I have indeed been busy between work and Tour de Fleece that is not the issue.

It is just that when I sit down to write, a malaise comes over me and I cannot string a simple sentence together with any measure of coherent thought!

Therefore, what is a girl to do when Writer’s Block suddenly seems insurmountable?

In an attempt to restart my mojo, I am going to share with you the foibles of dating today…

This is not for the faint-of-heart, Gentle Reader.

Trust me.

So without further adieu, I bring you the next chapter in the Lack of Love Life of Kat:

The interwebz have given single people a completely new pond from which to fish, it seems. Dating sites abound from the “pay through the nose” types to free – and let me just tell you, free is not always good nor do you get what you pay for!

Enter date #1, a seemingly likely candidate – he was a writer type, but when he showed up for dinner, he dumped all his baggage on the table and rehashed his prior love life. Hours later, yes hours… I was looking for a sharp object to slit my wrists but the wait staff had cleared the table leaving me nothing to do the deed! I escaped finally, realizing that some people are single for a reason!

I bided my time, and spent more time asking questions of prospective candidates.

Enter candidate #2, he seemed witty, intelligent, and baggage free! He even scored a point or two in the bonus category – he worked in healthcare and on the same shift as me! After numerous email exchanges, I agreed to meet for lunch. I should have had warning bells clanging loudly when he offered to pick me up, but I must have been too tired to hear them that week! I agreed to meet him at a local lunch place. Who knew that lunch was actually an anachronism for “nooner”? Suffice it to say neither one of us got what we came for that day!

I headed back to the drawing board with the words of a song echoing in my head… pick yourself up, dust yourself off, start all over again!

When candidate #3 just wanted to meet for a drink, I felt that this had potential. I headed out and met him for a drink. So far, so good – no baggage, having drinks was just that having drinks and the conversation was good. He knew what NPR was, even if he did not listen – he confessed he had Googled it, and got points for honesty. Drinks ended, and we talked about meeting again. We agreed to meet the next evening and go for a walk. However, work called with some much-needed overtime, but when I called him to ask for a rain check he was more than disappointed. He actually was more than angry. Then I got an email in which he likened me to a “heaven sent gift” and “God spoke to him” and what was I thinking ignoring those things. In addition, he called my phone multiple times that night and left a flurry of erratic messages.

Seriously, I am positively convinced I have Loser Radar.

Enter Loser #4 and after all, I had experienced, how bad could it be? We spent several weeks talking on the phone. He was funny. Too bad, he was also a bigot.

And, finally the last of the Idiots that swim in the Online Dating Cesspool – Major Loser #5: Another seemingly nice candidate, he does not like NASCAR, has all his teeth, and is looking for a replacement for his current 5 plus year relationship – who he is still involved with.

Can someone stop this ride; I just want to get off.


Can you go back to the drawing board when you don’t have any more chalk?

Or maybe I just need to find a guy who wears spats….

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