Autumn has been unbelievably grey here in West Michigan, interspersed with days of rain. The sun has evidently gone on an extended holiday.
However, the foliage has taken up the cause and has been doing an amazing job of bringing color to the grey days. The veritable gleam that the golden sentinels radiates as brightly as the sun would. The grey of the day seems to intensify this effect and the occasional interjection of some crimson, orange, and bright red leaves seem to add richness to the tapestry covering the land. I have yet to get out and photograph any of this gloriousness for which I am feeling decidedly guilty.
I have done some autumnal baking, however, unleashing the aromas of fall in my home. Apples and cinnamon surely must have an aphrodisiac quality, don’t you think? I have plans to go to Cranes this weekend with the boy child and get some cider and cider donuts. Just the thing for what ails you.

The other cure for all that is unbalance in one’s life is finishing up some languishing UFO’s… yes, you have read that correct, Gentle Reader. (For the non-knitter out there UFO stands for Un-Finished Object, FYI.) I have avoided a case of cast-on-it is and have spent some time freeing some needles of the projects that have held them captive. Stay tuned for an upcoming photo laden post with all my accomplishments! If it would just stop raining long enough to snap a photo or two, but then again maybe I can finagle Sambeast to snap a photo or two of me modeling the results of my productivity!
I have even managed to acquire an Autumnal Virus, which has laid me low, thus affording me the time to crank out a brief blog post. Therefore, after having a regular flu shot and the H1N1 vaccination a measly virus has laid me low. Damn and blast, I tell you! Damn and blast!!
As for now, I am off to knit a row or two and to start my Christmas List – yes, it will be Christmas in less than 60 days.
And, that, my friends, is the perfect way to end a post on grey days…

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