I am not sure what Senator Lieberman thinks he is accomplishing by putting himself on an island, but he is not on the “win friends and influence people” track at all, in my opinion. When I heard on the news that Joe was not going to support any public option in the health care debate I was astounded.

Truly astounded.

Let me get this right, Joe “would not support any government run, government backed health insurance.”


Ummm, Hello Joe – have you heard of Medicare? Alternatively, perhaps you are dissatisfied with the insurance that the government supplies you as a member of congress. You do not support it, but you use it? Does anyone but me see this as an oxymoron?

Joe, I hate to inform you, but if you want to get in a pissing match with someone, you had better make sure you are going to win – and this has loser all over it, my good man.

Maybe what Joe really needs to do is to look to his constituents whom he represents in the Senate – after all, this is not about what Joe wants, but rather to be the voice for what they want.

The United States continues to be the nation whose citizens pay more for health care for than any of their world neighbors, and in paying more does not afford us better care. Rather, we hover in the bottom third in infant mortality and below some Third World countries in care.

Maybe Senator Lieberman needs to experience the kind of care that John Q. Public receives in which their insurance company dictates the care they are, or are not, going to receive. Better yet, maybe he needs to experience how the uninsured member of our society experiences health care, or the lack thereof.

I would gladly welcome Mr. Lieberman on a shift or two at my hospital after which he might have a different understanding of what our citizens truly need in health care.

What do you say Joe, ready to open your eyes, roll up your sleeves, wash your hands, and really get to work?

The under and uninsured of America are waiting for you.

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