Well, Gentle Readers, it appears that Joe is up to his neck in alligators yet again!

Yes, Joe is making waves yet again on the Health Care Reform bill that has valiantly made its way from the House of Representatives with nary a battle scar only to find Joe Lieberman leading the Battle Charge in the Senate.

I just want to thank you Joe for single-handedly making yourself look like an idiot!

Maybe you are just trying to play Scrooge a bit early for the holiday season, because your antics are certain to earn you a visit from your old friend Teddy with an ominous warning about visits from the Ghosts of Health Care Past, Present, and Future.

Perhaps, heJoe fancies himself in the role of the Grinch and he wants to steal Health Care from all the Who’s down in Whoville, who have no health care or inadequate health care.

Senator Lieberman, my hope is that you find your email filled to the brim with the urgent pleas of your constituents with the stories of their struggles.

I also believe it would benefit you to take a moment and listen to PlanetMoney’s recent collaborations with This American Life on Health Care – it is in a format that I believe that even you could understand!

However, Dear Reader, if you are as appalled as I am by Joe’s latest scheme, you can go here and add your voice to the ever-growing list of Americans who want Joe unseated from the committee he chairs. With our voices perhaps we can help Joe’s heart and ears grow in size. We could help him find his compassion or at least the ringing of our voices in his ear could help him see the light.

My hope is that Joe will find his efforts filibusted or we can always hope that those alligators will finish him off and soon!

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