…or, why all good things eventually end.

I have been knitting for a number of years now and when I started out as a new knitter, someone recommended Knitter’s Magazine to me. I bought several issues, but I never found anything inside that I really wanted to knit.

As I slowly gained some knitting proficiency, I began to look at other knitting magazines. I thought the things in Vogue Knits were lovely, but the magazine that really caught my fancy was Interweave Knits.

Every month there were dozens of items that I wanted to knit… far more choices than there was time for me to spend knitting them!

My appreciation for Interweave Knits grew, and I did what all faithful readers do, I subscribed and six times each year I received a tool that helped me improve my knitting. It helped me learn new techniques; it challenged me to step out of my box.

However, in the past couple of years all that has changed and it became more and more difficult to find one item I would like to knit at all and this was happening issue after issue. I shared my thoughts one evening over dinner with some Fiber Savvy friends and at their encouragement, I wrote a long letter to Interweave Press sharing my growing disappointment with the publication.

I did get an answer from Interweave, a brief response, they appreciated my comments, but they liked the pathway they were traveling.

Apparently, Interweave and I have come to a fork in the road, and for now, we will travel separately.

My bag will still have a knitting project or two in it, but you will find a new magazine tucked inside.

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