After a Herculean Effort, President Obama saw the passage of the Comprehensive Health Care Reform bill by Congress late last night.

Reforms that will see coverage expand for millions of Americans who currently are uninsured or under-insured, Republican and Democrat alike! Even though Republicans tried hard to rally against it and they held fast to that stance to the end because, voting sadly held to the party lines, even though they also will benefit equally by passing of this bill.

Reform that just the thought of caused Rush Limbaugh to announce that if this bill passed, he might have to move to another country, one with universal health care, I might add.

However, I both wrote a letter to my representative and made a phone call; yet I did not even receive so much as a courtesy response thanking me for my email. Our local news quoted him thus, “It will bankrupt the country,” Hoekstra said. “It’s going to be way too expensive. And from my perspective, it’s bad social policy.” It is nice knowing that my voice as Mr. Hoekstra’s constituent falls on deaf ears. You will not be surprised that not once during the Bush years did Mr. Hoekstra say one thing about the rapidly growing deficit, not one single solitary word. However, he is convinced that health care will bankrupt our country. Your statement is unbelievably ironic, Mr. Hoekstra, especially since you yourself are covered by government health insurance as a member of Congress!

So today, I have enjoyed a chuckle over the conservatives crying out over the various social media outlets of a new day in the USSA (that stands for the United Socialist States of America, in case you were wondering)! Yes, fear and ignorance rein, Gentle Reader!

These same people will boldly state that they are Bible believing Christians, and as such, some have even asked God to have mercy on our poor misguided nation with the passing of this bill.

Excuse me?


Have mercy on us?

I believe this bill to be a God-sent answer for those who have had no health care coverage for far too long! In fact, I have a news flash for you… God just might be a Socialist! After all, He reminded Cain that he was indeed his brother’s keeper. He continues to expand the belief that He expects us to care for each other in numerous ways throughout the Bible, why even the disciples set up the early church to care for those who needed care!

Yet somehow, the naysayers to this reform seem sadly misguided in their beliefs – they appear to subscribe to the “I care for no one but me” policy, and almost Pharisee-like in their ways – they “thank God they are not like the rest of the poor uninsured…”

Yet, in spite of all this uproar, this vote does something that our founding fathers envisioned for this great land – it makes it again a place of opportunity for all who live here, insured and uninsured alike!

Bravo to President Obama and the bold Members of Congress who dared to vote yes to change!

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