Fire-y Hemlock Ring , originally uploaded by As Kat Knits.

Please do not fall over from shock Gentle Reader, but on my knitting blog I present to you some actual knitting content!

I have finished Jared Flood’s Hemlock Ring Blanket and I am in love!
After a rough start, I frogged her and started again last month.

The second time is definitely the charm.

Once I solved the “bind off dilemma” and had her off the needles, I gave her a nice relaxing soak in a little Soak, pressed out all the excess water, and then I vigorously blocked her…with over 250 pins.

Binding off was truly a knitters challenge, I ended up with just a minuscule fraction of yarn left and truly could not have gone much longer at all. Knitty-Math truly can save your soul!

I will post some more pictures this week after she is gifted to her recipient.

Oh, and “the cat” has a name which shall be revealed shortly. I am working on trying to get a good photo of her for you all!

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