The Party of No is becoming the Party of Can’t!

That is right, the GOP who gained some great satisfaction in saying “no, no, no” to almost everything is about to become the Party of Can’t in a big way.

It seems, my fellow American, that unless you are fortunate to have health insurance coverage from your employer, the GOP is going to do everything in their power to overturn “Obama-care.”

It is a bit like a Seinfeld episode gone badly with the GOP in the role of the Soup Nazi and they are yelling “No insurance for you!”

Because after all, a nation that cares for the health and well-being of its citizens is not realistic. It just can’t be done!

However, if you happen to fall in the 1% of the nation’s most wealthy, then you are in luck because the GOP just can’t raise your taxes!

Likewise, they also must believe in Never, Never Land – because they are somehow going to cut spending back to 2008 levels. How incredibly comforting and reassuring to the remaining 99% of us who just might happen to need or depend on whatever they are going to toss up on the chopping block.

This next one really made me stop and think – the GOP is going to be “examining” what is going on in the executive office.

Why, you ask?

Why they are positive, there is something illegal going on in the executive office, after all someone who does not have a legitimate birth certificate and is a closet Muslim would revel in illegal activities, and they are just the ones to ferret them out!!

Seriously, what I would like to know is why they were so silent during the previous administration – because I would hazard a guess that there was considerably more illegal activity taking place then versus now! Moreover, the Democrats certainly did not insult Bush or the executive office by making any such outlandish claims!

Rest assured that as the List of Can’ts continues to grow that I also will continue to share my thoughts and opinions, such as they are, about John Boehner and his Party of Can’t! As Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone Magazine recently said about Speaker Boehner, “The new speaker is a lazy, double-talking shill for corporate interests.” Well said, Mr. Taibbi, well said indeed!

The GOP just can’t be bothered with all the little people…

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