I saw this article last week in my local paper. A mixture of disbelief and disgust washed over me as I read the article and the comments posted. Now, gentle reader, I live in the heart of the Christian Right of Michigan in a city that has more churches than bars. However, evidently, Christian charity does not extend beyond the walls of their precious sanctuaries, and certainly not for single mothers, people who are underprivileged, of a different faith or belief system, and especially if you have a different skin color.

However, lest you think that this kind of nonsense is an anomaly contained to my self-righteous city, you would be wrong because yesterday my BFF sent me this link.


They were pulled from a plane simply because of how they were dressed? Apparently, Juan Williams is not alone in this unbelievable stupidity and ignorance.

Add to all of this the groups , (yes groups, Google it for yourself and you will see that there are many who are actively participating in this insanity – About 2,680,000 results (in) 0.21 seconds), who are praying for President Obama’s death or the idiot who tweets about killing him and I am certain that America has collectively lost her mind. I confess while I did not find much I liked about either Presidents Bush policies – I did not pray for their demise. The thought to do such a thing never crossed my mind.

The rising tide of people who have no apparent care for anyone beyond their own household is growing and becoming more vocal. The Church of Me and Mine seems to be gaining membership at a rapid pace, and I do not know how to stem the tide.

They want to pay no taxes – because after all that just funds things they have no desire to support. They want no government – because they are a party unto themselves. Moreover, woe to you if you find yourself in trouble because they subscribe to the tenant that God only helps those who help themselves and since you cannot help yourself, therefore neither will they help you. They ignore the constant theme that flows through the Bible that we are indeed our brother’s keeper.

They seem to have forgotten that Jesus said ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25:40

Sadly, I fear that even this simplest of commands is just one more item these “Christians” are avoiding in their brand of Christian Un-charity at the Church of Me and Mine.

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