Some months ago, I attended Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet. It was my first time attending this event and, for the most part, did not find the event worth the price of admission. I did find a couple of amazing vendors – one of which I will be reviewing here today.

I first learned of The Ross Farm when I stopped in a LYS who told me they carried local yarn from Eighty-Four, PA. The LYS did not have a large selection of their yarn and no fiber at all, but I tucked the information about the farm away in my brain and imagine my profound joy when I discovered them live at PGH Knit and Crochet! Their booth drew me in immediately with their stunning version of TTL’s Germinate. Next, my eyes went to some very lovely bags filled with processed fiber. I selected one of each – okay, maybe more than one of each, but one can never have enough good fiber!

While I got a number of different fibers from them, today I want to tell you about their Romney. I do not know who processes their fiber for them – but whomever they are using is doing an excellent job. The fiber is not over processed, it retains a bit of lanolin – not an excessive amount, but just enough for your fingers to be relieved at discovering this treat in the wool.



Having just spun some Shetland that almost had more vegetation than fiber, I expected there to be a good bit in this fiber as well. Imagine my surprise at finding almost no vegetation at all. In fact, the few little specks that I found while spinning the first bump are hardly worth mentioning. This is absolutely the cleanest fiber I have ever spun.


The fiber needed absolutely no pre-drafting prior to spinning and as you can see, I was able to spin a very fine single at 40 WPI. I spun this in a worsted manner. The halo on the yarn looks promising – I am eager to finish my second bump, ply them together, and give them a good bath!


What am I going to do with this yarn? It will become Saranac, one of Kirsten Kapur’s latest designs.

I am really looking forward to spinning up the other fibers I got from them, and even more excited to get more fiber from them, because of things like this that pop up on Ravelry! The Ross Farm is definitely in  my “buy” category!

The Ross Farm does have an Etsy Store – and they will be at Maryland Sheep and Wool this weekend, if you happen to be there, make sure you stop by and buy some of their fiber! I promise that you will not be disappointed.

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