Cla·do·nia noun kləˈdōnyə, -nēə :  a genus (the type of the family Cladoniaceae) of lichens characterized by its crustose plant body and capitate fruiting bodies borne in simple or branched podetia


I am not sure if this is what Kirsten Kapur had in her mind’s eye when she designed Cladonia, but I would like to think so. As this shawl is built one band of color upon the previous – like a log, split in half and laid open for all to see with the Cladonia growing neatly from her surface. The lace work edging gives the shawl an ethereal covering on the bands of solid color – they compliment each other off wonderfully.

With the lovely yarns from Ross Farm Fibers – Leicester Longwool and Romney in all their natural glory, I found them to be the perfect match for the pattern. The Leicester Longwool “Camellia” is a 2 ply fingering weight yarn that has such lovely sheen and a gorgeous halo when washed. The Romney is a new yarn for Ross Farm and it is a 3 ply yarn. This yarn is minimally processed so there will be bits of clean VM in the yarn but that did not impede my knitting in any way at all. The yarns are processed and spun to maximize the beauty of the fiber and they are not dyed.





If you are searching for that bit of ethereal beauty to grace your shoulders this winter – be sure to stop by the Ross Farms booth at Rhinebeck    and pick up a kit. You won’t regret it!

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