I love wool and I really love people who share my obsession.

In my perfect world, Beth Smith would be my next-door neighbor, I would be able to have her over for tea, and we would spin together. She would share her vast knowledge of all things wool from her encyclopedic brain and I would become her best student – soaking up every bit of what she knows and using it to improve my spinning skills.

Such a dream could only be improved if Beth lived with me and was there to answer every question and show me how to do all things wool. Every. Minute. All. Day.

Sadly, I do not think that Beth’s family would like it if she moved in with me but imagine my good fortune when I discovered a way that I could have Beth in my house 24/7!

How, you ask?

One amazing book – that is how!

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Beth has put great effort into sharing her vast and amazing knowledge of all things wool in her new book The Spinner’s Book of Fleece – A Breed-by-Breed Guide to Choosing and Spinning The Perfect Fiber for Every Purpose.

I have had my book now for some months reading, re-reading, discovering, and learning. This quite possibly might be one of the best books on wool ever written. Beth takes you through the all the steps from selection, to cleaning, to processing, to spinning the yarn you want for the project you want. The photos and samples are detailed and abundant and as you read, it is almost as if Beth is there with you in your living room as you plan your project. She covers five different categories of sheep as well as the tools needed to go from a raw fleece to finished yarn. She shares selection, the best method to clean each different breed, and the best method of processing each different breed. The book goes into detail about the qualities and characteristics of each different breed. She has included images of the raw wool as well as how the wool spins up to knit or weave.

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She helps ease any concerns you might have as you select a fleece for a project. She gives clear systematic instructions on how to clean the fleece. Beth then takes you through the steps to prepare your washed wool to spin the yarn you want for your project. She even shares what tools will be most helpful.

Beth shares her love for wool and her amazing knowledge on every page. You will want this book in your library so you can refer back to it repeatedly.

Do yourself a favor, get this book today, and invite Beth into your home. I promise that you will not be disappointed!

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