And I never want to leave…

This month is a month to remember – the month in which I finished not one, but two sweaters!

Some months ago, I was fortunate to be able to sign up for an online class with Amy Herzog on Custom Fit Sweater Knitting. We started at the beginning – with the process of swatching, which I embraced whole-heartedly! I knit swatches from a wide variety of yarns. Nice big voluptuous swatches. I learned in class what made a good swatch and a bad swatch and why the good swatch was so vital to Sweater Success. I really loved the look and the feel of Briar Rose Fiber’s Joyful knit up. It is 100% Polwarth and really a lovely springy yarn. It created nice full stitches and had good memory. After a bit of a discussion with Amy on pattern choice, I selected a basic V-neck pull over.

If you have never knit a Custom Fit pattern, let me share with you what a treat it is, Gentle Reader. You get a pattern that is written for you – for the yarn you swatched, and the gauge you obtained. Yes – you read that right – the gauge you obtained. Not the gauge you hoped you attained, but your actual gauge. You just need to do the knitting, all the math has been done for you. I am quite certain this is the only way to knit a sweater.

Amy spent time with us over the course of several months with bi-weekly classes. She even helped us overcome our fears of knitting and seaming our sweater together. I am happy to report that I have no fear of mattress stitch at all – in fact, it is my friend.

When I got to the point of being ready to pick up stitches for the neckline, I simply followed the pattern and picked up boldly – one time. Yes, just one time. The neckline ribbing lays beautifully no gaps or puckers at all.

The knowledge she shared with us was more than helpful. I cannot recommend her classes enough. If you have the opportunity to take a class from her, do it. You will not regret it because she is a phenomenal teacher.

I could not be happier with my finished sweater and I am so inspired and eater to knit another sweater that when I saw Chris at MSW I bought another sweater’s worth of yarn from her and will begin swatching this weekend for my next sweater. I am not certain if I will get to Rhinebeck this fall, but I will have more than one sweater to wear if I do.

Until then, you will find me happily knitting on Sweater Island.

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