The hurrier I go, the behinder I get – Lewis Carroll

Last week, I beamed my warp (weavers speak for winding the warp threads on the back beam). This week, I made a valiant attempt at a tricky threading of the heddles. Attempt being the key word.

I made multiple threading errors that I should have noticed when I did my few picks of plain weave. Again, please take note that I said should have.

The errors were there and easy to see. I looked at them and thought, hmm, that looks weird and proceeded to ignore my thought and move forward.

That, Gentle Reader, was my biggest mistake! Ignoring my little voice, which, as master weaver Janet Dawson says, is usually right.

So today, I am unweaving the first repeat of the pattern, and the plain weave. Then I will be untying the warp and rethreading. This scares me a bit, as the cross is gone, my lease sticks are out, and this seems like the perfect recipe for failure.

However, I have identified where I made the mistake in my threading and I think that I can do this if I take it slowly in sections. Wish me luck, and even though it may just be easier to cut this off and begin again, I am going to press on.

Thus far, there have been more mistakes than any actual weaving being accomplished I am persevering. On the bright side, I am learning lots and I still want to weave and as Winston Churchill said, “If you are going to go through hell, keep going.”

It is all I can do.

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