Our 10 on Tuesday is week is: 10 Places You Hang Out

Now, I am sure that I do not have ten places at which I regularly hang out (outside of my house!) Sad, but true Gentle Reader.


If I had unlimited resources this would be my list of ‘Hang Out’ places


Coffee from Lemonjello’s is so hang out worthy!

  1. Coffee at Lemonjello’s in Holland, MI which provides a vibrant and eclectic way to start the day
  2. Museums – yes plural, because you can never have too many museums on your ‘hang out’ list. The Smithsonian, the Natural History Museum, the Field Museum, V&A, the Anne Frank House, the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the streets of Boston taking any number of walking history tours. As you can see, Amsterdam and New York City are great museum cities!
  3. Lunch on the water at Boatwerks in Holland, MI where you can sit with an amazing view of Lake Macatawa and enjoy a meal that is not too shabby either.
  4. Edinburgh Scotland. Perhaps the best city in the world and the perfect place to hang out in, IMO.
  5. The Boston Public Library is one of the most beautiful libraries I have ever had the pleasure to visit. But, any public library is a vital part of a community and should be on everyone’s “hang out” list!
  6. Cocktails, oh yes, cocktails! They are the perfect accompaniment to hang out with! If I have to be limited to one, it would have to be the iconic Monkey Bar in New York. However, for my regular hang out place – a cocktail at home is a very good substitute.
  7. Now I have had some fantastic dinners in fabulous restaurants all over the world, however the greatest pleasure ever is making a fantastic dinner in my kitchen to enjoy with loved ones and friends.
  8. What is hanging out without music?? And the music is magical at the Coq D’or in Chicago and it is the great place to enjoy a cocktail as well!
  9. Perhaps the most amazing place I have ever visited where every place seems the perfect spot to ‘hang out’ and meditate are Banff and Jasper National Parks in Canada and the best place was the hike on the Plain of Six Glaciers with tea at the Teahouse there. It is impossible to not be immersed in meditation on this magnificent hike where body, mind, soul, and nature are united. It is spectacular.
  10. Bedtime has to make this list, since we spend so much of our lives there. While my bed is very comfortable, there are a couple of places that beat it hands down. The beds at the Grand Amsterdam Hotel are spectacular however; the beds at The Roman Camp in Callander Scotland beats that. Best. Bed. Ever. Really!

There you have it, Gentle Reader – my hang out list. Please tell me where you like to hang out!

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