Two years ago today, I watched the movers put the boxes of my life on a moving truck to take me from Holland to Pittsburgh.

There are things I miss about Michigan, and I realize that I will probably always miss them. However, there is so much to like about Pittsburgh and today I am sharing my top ten things!

  1. The Strip District! This is a place unlike any other with local vendors selling all kinds of good things! From fresh fish and seafood, local meats, local pasta, local produce, and local breads! It even has a fabric store! Sadly, it is lacking a yarn store. I know, but it is still awesome!
  2. The East Liberty Farmers Market – the oldest, and only, year round market in Pittsburgh
  3. Mount Lebanon Uptown Farmers Market complete with my favorite farmer – Jose Quiroz Farms.
  4. Breadworks Salt Sticks. Yes, they are that good!
  5. Primanti Brothers – an iconic pleasure that is singularly Pittsburgh, especially When Pigs Fly.
  6. The views of the city from Mount Washington, and if you don’t want to take my word for it, it seems to be one of Dave DiCello’s favorite spots to photograph!
  7. Point State Park – in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh is an incredible spot where you can walk for miles and miles along the rivers wondering at all the bridges.
  8. Ohiopyle State Park – a short drive from Pittsburgh is an incredible area that has so much to see. I am sad to say it took me almost two years to get there!
  9. A welcoming place to worship – it took me awhile to find it, but I am so glad I did.
  10. Light Up Night on November 20 which kicks off the start of the Christmas season, especially the downtown Holiday Market – it reminds me of the KerstMarkt in Holland.

There you have it, Gentle Reader, ten reasons to come and visit my fair city.

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