Carole sent a most appropriate Ten on Tuesday topic this week and one that poses a bit of a challenge:

10 Things You Are Thankful For Right Now

I can easily think of ten things I am thankful for…

However, the right now portion requires some introspection, thought, even meditation.

And so, thoughtfully, right now I am thankful for:

  1. My Bialetti Moka Pot, coffee at its finest right in my kitchen!
  2. The discovery of the joy of yoga and making myself stick with it for 30 days, creating a healthy habit that has and will continue
  3. The discovery of 100 Acts of Sewing that then spurred
  4. my rediscovery of the joy of sewing
  5. The internet that helps keep me connected, updated, inspired, and entertained
  6. Sherman, who makes every day so much more
  7. My new friends here, most especially Cheryl who has become like a sister to me.
  8. My children and, especially, my new grand-daughter, Genevieve
  9. My ‘new’ city, with all it has to offer and
  10. the reason I am here (in the ‘Burgh)

I think that giving thanks in the moment is a very good habit to adopt and I want to know, Gentle Reader, what are you thankful for right now!

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