Despite having avoided the masses yesterday for Black Friday, we headed out to the Target Boutique bright and early this morning.


Because, not every strand of Christmas lights ever works correctly from year to year. The Grinch must come and tinker with things after you’ve put them away. This phenomenon occurs every year, without fail!

Once we were finished since there were astonishingly few people out, successive stops were made at numerous places, not limited to, but including IKEA, Spool, and Fat Heads.

Back at home, light adornment of the tree continues.

Twenty quarts of turkey stock is being made while light adornment happens.

Leftovers from Fat Heads just might be happening for dinner. With a beer, or two, or possibly three because Michigan lost to Ohio State, so I have some sorrows to drown!

I hope your weekend is everything you hope for and more!

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