Apparently, last-minute rushed decisions create the perfect storm for the flurry of projects that I started for Natural Stitches 12 Days of Casting On.

And storm is the correct analogy – I have some finished projects, a flood of WIP’s, and a couple of swatches for a future project.

Not bad for 11 Days of Knitting and only one more to go! I need to finish something to move it out of the box!!

Unfortunately, not much else was completed however I did manage to get Christmas boxed up and packed away – which is both a melancholy and liberating task! It always saddens me to have Christmas gone, but on the other hand, I love having the ‘normal’ house back! And it feels good to get “back on track” with my daily routine after the holidays, which is sure to include much more knitting.

But now I need to get back to my Monday List, which might include some overflow from last week!

Here is hoping your re-entry to Monday and the first week of the New Year is gentle!

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