It is January and Christmas is all put away, the “winter season” of television has not yet started, the days in much of the Northern Hemisphere are dark and gloomy.

Not much to look forward to.

Unless you are a knitter…

Because January brings us Through The Loops Mystery Sock Knit Along!!


Yes, in one short week the first clue will be sent out to all the participants – and, Gentle Reader, there is still time for you to join in!

You know you want to…

          You did all that Christmas knitting for others…

                    You really want a new pair of socks…


There is knitting something mysterious! And that, my friends, is the most fun of all!

Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand knit.

I am positive that is what Neil Armstrong would have said, had he been a knitter!

If you are on the fence, and unsure if you want to try this, take it from me (and I have knit a good number of her patterns) her patterns are well written and wonderful to knit! I am pretty sure you have a skein or two of sock yarn in your stash! So grab one and join me!

The more the merrier!

And, the MKAL group over on Ravelry is so much fun!

Plus, the pattern is on sale until next Friday

There really is no excuse not to join me!

You know you want to…

** A special thank you to Kirsten Kapur for graciously allowing me to use her image in this post!

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