I was a happy participant in the craziness that was #12DaysofCastingOn2015 with Natural Stitches.

Twelve projects started in twelve days.

I even have some of them done!

One pair has already been gifted to a very dear friend who has horribly, painful arthritis in her hands and the cold, damp weather really makes her miserable. She is always knitting something for someone and I thought these mitts would be the perfect thing for her, especially in this wonderfully soft and warm vintage Rambouillet Lambswool from Marr Haven. Sometimes saving a special skein for ages in your stash is a very good thing, Gentle Reader.

I loved this pattern so much, I cast on a second pair in the 12 days – which will be gifted to someone special this winter. This knit up beautifully in Philosopher’s Wool! There is just something special about woolen spun yarn.

I have a few projects left to finish from those fast and furious twelve days, but my gift basket has a good start on being full come Christmas next year!


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