This week, in honor of Ground Hog Day (the movie?? the holiday??), Carole has set us an interesting task:

10 Moments/Events/Days In Your Life You’d Like To Repeat

Well, I can assure you that even though there are PLENTY of days that I wish never happened, there are some that I would relive every. single. day.

  1. The “Younger Kids Days” – though I am sure that the reality was more hectic but my memories tell me these were truly simpler days. Now we are scattered all over but, oh to be back here with the replay button.
  2. Though she has been gone almost 23 years – not a day goes by that I do not think about my Nana. I miss her terribly and wish I had written down more things she talked about.
  3. The days of “Good Night’s Sleep” before insomnia rudely arrived on the scene. Which goes hand in hand with…
  4. …Those days of boundless energy when the task list was much longer but could get done much quicker!
  5. The days of younger eyes – although I do so love reading on my Kindle or iPad where I can make the font larger. It was much nicer to be able to pick up any book, regardless of font size, and read it!
  6. My first trip to Scotland, I will never forget the first view of Edinburgh Castle. I have been back only once, but it remains one of my favorite places ever.
  7. Canoeing the Big Two Hearted River – yes that Big Two Hearted River.

  8. Reading Charlotte’s Web to my children – a chapter or two at night, just before bed. Exactly like my mother did so many years before, and experiencing it all over through their eyes.
  9. The very first “Sleep Over at a Fiber Shop” at the shop Beth owned in Howell, MI. So much fun! I was fortunate to have this experience twice, but would jump at another opportunity!
  10. Lunch with Jillian last Saturday. However, if this was a weekly occurrence, life would be so very good!

There you have it, Gentle Reader, my list of replay days!

Have a great Ground Hog Day!


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