Carole sure knows how to relieve the Winter Doldrums with this week’s 10 on Tuesday:


You’ve been kidnapped! List the 10 TV show characters you would want to help you.

Well, you know this is bound to be loads of fun!

Also, bonus in that if you are still working feverishly to #bangoutasweater queue up any of these and you will be finished in no time!

Here is my Come Save Me and Quick list:

  1. Harry Pearce and his MI-5 Team – I am pretty sure they can get anyone out of anything!
  2. Detective Inspector Alec Hardy and Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller – are both excellent at solving difficult crimes, even ones that happen in their own homes!
  3. Kurt Wallander – and he can bring something to drink! Although I loved the BBC version also!
  4. Vera – because Ann Cleeves…
  5. Sherlock, yes please!
  6. Foyle would make complete sense out of everything!
  7. Luther, in case you need to walk the fine line between legal and not…
  8. Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison for her dogged determination
  9. DCI Banks for his stubborn tenacity
  10. George Gently, because sometimes old school is the best!

Anyone on this list would get the job done! Also, if you are looking for a recommendation for viewing this list is it!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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