I can thank the Political Circus for their assistance in this successful bind-off by hosting not one, but two debates this week. Because, really – tedious knitting should be accompanied by tedious television. Fun fact – you knit faster when you are mad!

Up next, the short-rows portion of this lovely Anne Hanson shawl, which I have started and happily, it is practically mindless knitting – all 400+ stitches. The perfect knit for the antics of Francis and Claire.

Earlier this week the blog was struck by the Case of the Missing “i” (thanks Bonny!) Fortunately, Inspector Google helped solve this mystery and the plugin was debugged! The i was happily freed to continue their very important job!

The Hour for Happy will be extra spicy tonight as Steve is making his world-famous Buffalo Wings and I. Can’t. Wait. Add to that two very icy cold martini’s and you have the perfect welcome for the weekend.

I hope your weekend is wonderful, even if it is an hour shorter. That’s right, don’t forget to turn your clocks AHEAD Saturday night!

See you back here on Monday!

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