I had only one superstition. I made sure to touch all the bases when I hit a home run.

– Babe Ruth

Carole is really stretching me today with this week’s 10 on Tuesday:

10 Superstitions You Believe In

This could be a challenge, because I am not really sure I believe in any superstitions, so I went to my friend Google and came up with this list, now let’s see just how superstitions I am, shall we!

  1. Beginner’s Luck, I really don’t believe in good luck or bad luck but, I did have this interesting experience. If you live in Michigan, you probably know what Club Keno is. Well, way back when it started I was at a local establishment and everyone was playing this new game. Caving to peer pressure, I put $20 on some random picks (the machine picks your numbers) and won over $10,000.00 on those picks. There may be something to this one…
  2. Find a penny, pick it up… yes, I pick up coins that I find. What is not to love about free money!
  3. Don’t walk under ladders. Well, obviously – unless you want to risk something falling on you!
  4. Black cats… apparently this is such a real thing that there are a number of groups for the adoption of black cats. For the record, I have happily owned one or two black cats in my life.
  5. Rabbit’s feet… So, IMO, having one is pretty unlucky for the poor rabbit. I do not now, nor have ever had a rabbit’s foot.
  6. Bad luck comes in threes. I had not heard of this one.  I have heard of death’s coming in threes, and while I am not sure there is any correlation, we have lost a number of famous people in a short span of time this year. But, maybe this is just because we are all getting older.
  7. Breaking mirrors. Been there, done that – with no apparent ill effects.
  8. 666 – the only biblical one on this list. Now, I am not sure I want to move to a house with the number 666, but I did find this from 5 days ago amusing… (FYI his delegate count has since changed, so a momentary blip of additional insanity to an already insane election cycle)
  9. Knock on wood – does this fall in the category of spilling salt? Anyways, it is a phrase I have used.
  10. Wishbone’s – one of the best things about Thanksgiving. What kid has not done this?
  11. Cross your fingers – I have said this to many people and I have done this for some as well. Do I believe it works? Not really, but sometimes being politically correct happens.
  12. Umbrellas inside – this is a new one for me, now I keep an umbrella inside, and I have even kept an open umbrella inside (I am sure you have too – how else do you dry out a soaking wet umbrella??) I have never put anyone’s eye out, nor had bad luck because of this.
  13. Friday the 13th No triskaidekaphobia here! It is usually a day like any other – benefited only because it is FRIDAY!!
  14. Yes, I am adding one more because I think this one might have some merit – it has to do with Bracket’s, March Madness, and Michigan State. I am not a Michigan State fan, having sent daughter #1 to the UofM (Go Blue!) Anyways, every year I do not pick Michigan State to do well in brackets out of my dislike of them and they always, always do well – there by busting my bracket. Well, this year I decided to not be so foolish and I picked them to go all the way. Yes, All. The. Way! They were a number 2 seed after all and came into the contest with a great record, even if it pains me to say it. And, what happens?? They are eliminated in ROUND ONE BY A NUMBER 15 SEEDED TEAM!!! Who says there is not superstition!! Well, Tom Izzo here is one for you – I will now  be picking you to go ALL THE WAY EVERY YEAR and thereby forfeit my bracket for you every single year if I can get these results!

Tom – this one’s for you!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!

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