It is all about neighbors today – and how neighborly they sometimes are not.


Dear Next Door Neighbor,

While I might appreciate your weeding the plant bed adjacent to your property – it actually is our yard and it was not weeds.


Missing My Pachysandra


All the Pachysandra is gone, with just a little sprig of myrtle left, and Preen®, lots and lots of Preen®. And yes, that is our foundation you see there!
Dear Neighbor,

I love that your home and yard are a place where all the neighborhood kids like to play – during the day… However, basketball at midnight on a weekday…not so much.


Tired at Work



Dear Neighbor,

We are confused about what you are trying to do with the bushes along our property lines. We really liked them when they were tall, and full, and… well, private. Did you mean to kill them? Is it a new form of art?


Confused and Exposed



This is really, really pitiful. These boxwood were so gorgeous and full. The birds loved them, heck WE loved them. The best privacy hedge ever… now they are just poor sad sticks. The one solace I have is at least they are growing a minute amount of greens on the sticks adjacent to my yard – the ones next to the weeding neighbor, no green at all. Karma is powerful! LOL
Dear Apparently Deaf Neighbor,

Your girls are just darling; their swing, however…not so much. The squeak is worse than nails on a chalkboard – and it is perpetually squeaking. When they swing. When the wind blows. In the middle of the night. I have a small suggestion for you… WD-40. I can leave a can on your porch if you promise to use it!


We Can Hear Just Fine


And, finally…


Dear Week,

Is it just me, or are you just flying by??


Happy Tomorrow is Friday

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