If I want to calm down, I’ll buy some fabric,

get a pattern, shut myself in a room

and stay there for days, really happy.

And at the end of it, you get a bedspread

or some curtains or something to wear – it’s lovely.

– Twiggy

It’s 10 on Tuesday and this week Carole wants to know:

10 Things You Do To Calm Down

Hmmmm, calm down you say? Yes, we all need a bit of that sometimes, don’t we? Some of us (me!!) more than others.

So, what things help me regain sanity when everything around me is chaos…

  • Knitting – absolutely every single time. Even when the knitting is not good, the pattern is not easy, or it is just a simple swatch. Knitting is number one on my list.
  • Shut my mouth – stress and talking are a bad combination.
  • Meditation. A simple activity that centers me and helps me clear away the chaos from the inside – and if I am calm, what is going on around me is not so earth shattering. Even easier if you turn on Breathe, put in your ear buds, close your eyes, and listen.
  • Make bread. There is something so cathartic about the process of flour, water, yeast, and salt creating something so incredibly delicious. Stress reduction on so many levels!
  • Take a walk. A change of scenery just does a body good.
  • Work in the garden. Bonus – taking out your frustration on the weeds.
  • Read. Nothing quite like entering the world of the novel to clear your mind of what is stressing you.
  • Take a nice hot bath (even better while reading) That old Calgon commercial had it right – take me away, indeed!
  • Make a nice cup of tea to sip slowly.
  • Turn on music – it always lifts my mood, calms me, and changes my focus.

There you have my “go to” calm facilitators – what are yours?

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