How ironic that yesterday’s post about things to calm me down would be needed the same day in full force!

Full. Freaking. Force.

The day did not start well, and I could feel the stress rising even after completing my morning meditation.

Does it seem to you that stress produces stress? My answer is a rousing YES!

And, to cap it off, after having recently frogged a good many WIP’s and having all this “wound yarn” lying around – I cast on Song of the Sea. How difficult can a cowl be, I ask you. Well, for me, apparently very. Yes, even after telling myself that casting on over 200 stitches to join in the round is the recipe for a Moebius – I made a Moebius…

A Moebius I that I, sadly, did not discover until I had completely knit the first pattern repeat.

Yeah. Color me a knitting genius!

Good thing my handspun is sturdy because it was frogged yet again.

Stress produces stress – I should have taken a page from Carole and done a bit of house cleaning instead.

Okay, maybe not! LOL

And today, I am feeling that stress trying to creep in around the edges and I am not going to give in to it! I am going to stay calm and carry on!

My solution for a bit of Calming Respite?

I am joining Ginny in her Yarn Along and making today all about knitting and reading.

Over the weekend I finished reading The Marco Effect – I thought it was a great read. Now, I am currently reading Raven Black by Ann Cleeves and so far, so good!

On my needles, I am still plugging away on this sock and doing some very belated birthday knitting (damned small needles and dark yarn!!) and last night I pulled out another OLD WIP (do you get bonus points for yarn maturation while knitting an object??), found were I was on the chart and knit a couple of rows before bed last night.

If anything is a confidence booster – it is picking up and ages old project and finding in a few minutes where you are on a chart. YES!! Moebius joins be damned!

Hopefully today’s knitting and reading kicks stress right out the door and perhaps helps me finish a project sans mistakes!

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