I wrote a simple Haiku for Poetry Fridays because April is National Poetry Month with the perfect fiber focus to for today’s post. Thanks Kym for the reminder!

I think you might all remember this lovely yarn that just did not want to be Twig and Leaf.


Well, I have been thinking lots of what it does want to be. I saw this gorgeous sweater on Ravelry and thought it had some possibilities. I started swatching and it seems it will work perfectly, however I did not have any yarn that would work for the contrasting color.

But, I do have this lovely Shetland lamb fleece that I have been slowly carding into rolags. I have a nice stack of them to get started to sample a bit. This will be a first for me – swatching for spinning, but I really want this to turn out, so I think it is an important step to take.

And so the plan was born…spin the Shetland up to match the WPI and TPI of the Briar Rose yarn. I want to do the sleeve cuffs to match the neckline – sort of like this beautiful example – so I am planning on spinning 750 yards of the Shetland. However, I can hear Beth in my ear saying “you better spin a bit more, because you won’t want to run out” so I will see how much extra I can get out of the fleece.

I have more than a little trepidation about this, this will be the first time I am trying to match a commercial yarn, rather than my own spinning. However, I am pretty sure I can do it, and this project has me really excited about spinning again. A jumpstart, as it were.

I am starting today; it is Fiber Friday after all and I will let you know how it goes.

The only other thing on the agenda today is the return of our regularly scheduled Friday Night Happy Hour with cocktails and appetizers.

Quite simply, my favorite night of the week! I hope your Friday is equally nice and that your weekend is even better!

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