Wednesdays are for knitting – okay maybe every day is for knitting, but it is also the day that Ginny hosts the Yarn Along!

And, I have been infected with a case of startitis which I am totally attributing to the awesome weather we are having. Although there was not lots of knitting completed amidst all the yard and garden work over the last several days, there was some.

I am almost done with sock one – and I think that I can find the motivation to finish it today. Hopefully sock two goes along as easily. But, I was so enamored of Karen’s Pincha and I had this lovely vintage skein of BMFA Rare Gems it seemed obvious to me that I needed to knit this so I cast on! I have completed 3 pattern repeats and I will keep knitting until I am out of yarn. There might be more of these in my future – I have a good bit of Lorna’s Laces sock yarn in my stash that is never destined to become socks. Why? Well, at the gauge I knit it pools – which I really don’t like at all – so I think it would be perfect for this pattern! This could be my summer knitting carry along knitting. I have a couple of other things in the casting on process and some swatching that is happening. If any of those get past the first few rows, I will be sure to share them here!

I am meandering through The Bat by Jo Nesbo and I am enjoying it tremendously. I am just about half way through however, I really want to get it finished because I have this waiting in the wings. I am not starting it until I am finished. Really.!

It is supposed to be another gorgeous day here today; I know – they are so hard to take! I will be heading outside to do some knitting and reading (and maybe a bit of carding to finish up!) before the rain they have forecast for tomorrow and Friday keeps me indoors. I have some sewing lined up to do if and when that happens.

Have a great Wednesday and please tell me what are you doing to enjoy this amazing weather?

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