Nestled between the Lavender and the Butterfly Bush, is a fairy tale nursery in my back yard. A trio of cuteness was discovered residing in my back yard yesterday. Last year there were baby bunnies under our rose bushes – perhaps the same Mom? Anyways, this year they were found in a better spot and it even has a night-light! Weeding this bed will have to wait until the babies are bigger and the nursery is empty.

On the garden front, it looks to be a banner year for strawberries, if the mass of blossoms on my plants are any indicator! This will be very welcome, as the strawberry plants I brought from Michigan did not fare well at all with Pittsburgh winters. Michigan gave them a nice insulating blanket of snow as protection from the frigid temperatures. Pittsburgh does not do the same – snow is a rare commodity here. Add to that temperatures that get much, much colder and my plants did not make it through the winter. A gardening lesson learned – what works one place will not necessarily work in another.

And, thanks to a link that Bonny shared my Rhubarb plant has had its blossom pruned and it has now almost doubled in size! Good thing,because this recipe looks so good and will definitely be debuting in an upcoming Friday Happy Hour.

That’s all I have for today. Have a good Thursday everyone!

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