Life doesn’t get more real than having a newborn at home. – Eric Church

It’s Tuesday and that means that Carole wants to know:

10 Ways to Help a New Momaffiche-hello-i-m-new-hereNew babies are one of the greatest joys in life…and the first weeks home for Mom (and Dad) can be amazing and stressful as a new family settles in together!

So, what can you do to help?

  1. Bring over a meal that is easy to heat and eat. Chicken Pot Pie (topped with puff pastry), a salad, and some homemade brownies were always my go to “quick and easy meal”.
  2. Cut the grass or shovel their driveway and walks.
  3. Offer to do some laundry (or fold laundry!) while Mom takes a nap with the baby.
  4. If there are older children, offer to do something special with them!
  5. Fill a basket with easy to eat snacks – fresh fruits, bottled waters, nuts. Nutritious foods that are easy to eat while holding a baby
  6. A Netflix gift card or two – so she has something to watch besides infomercials or reruns for those middle of the night feeding times!
  7. A basket filled with magazines, a book or two, an assortment of teas, or coffee.
  8. Some babysitting vouchers for when Mom and Dad are ready for a night out!
  9. Ask if there is anything on their “to-do” list that you could finish for them.
  10. And, my go to new baby gift – knit a Baby Surprise Jacket with matching hat and socks/booties.

New babies are just the best! What do you do when there is a new baby?

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