It’s Tuesday, that means that Carole wants to know:

My 10 Favorite Desserts

And, of course, since I am trying NOT to eat desserts right now…because POINTS. I am going to have to list all the things that I am not eating right now.

That’s right, this is the list to avoid if you are on a diet.

  1. Crème brûlée, perhaps my favorite dessert of all time. If I am getting dessert at a restaurant and they have Crème brûlée on the menu you can be guaranteed I will order it. Every.Single.Time.
  2. Ice Cream…this is the one I struggle with the most. Really, especially anything with coffee or caramel!
  3. Cake, any kind at all – with butter cream frosting, and lots of it!
  4. Martha Stewart’s Almond Tart, to.die.for. Topped with whipped cream, of course.
  5. Pumpkin pie. Seriously, it is so good.
  6. Cheesecake…need I say more?
  7. Brown Sugar Cookies, they are really so easy to make and taste so incredible!
  8. Smores – with homemade marshmallows, toasted in a bonfire on the beach! Bonus points for not getting sand in them!
  9. Lemon Cake with icing. Mmmmm.
  10. Chocolate Budino, pictured below… oh man. So. Good.

20519951331_e5576aec4e_oAnd, what is on my “eat” list?

  1. For the foreseeable future – fresh fruits. Good thing the fresh fruit season is almost upon us!

There you have it – my list of no-no’s. But, I want to know – what is your favorite dessert?

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