The weather has taken a detour back to spring temperatures over the past 24 hours. The humidity has gone elsewhere (sorry if elsewhere is where you are) and the high temperature yesterday was on 73, and last night was perfect sleeping weather! This is so welcome, because I am not a fan of air conditioning and never really sleep well with it running non-stop. However, this weather is supposed to be with us for a few days, so on top of perfect sleeping conditions; I have some real motivation to get a summery sweater done!

I am making progress on Indigo Cones, with a number of modifications. It is strange that no one else has had these issues – or if they did they have not posted any notes about them. Just a heads up knitters – if you alter a pattern or if a pattern has issues, please post some notes about this!! It is helpful for the knitters that will come behind you!

indicones collageAnyways, the openings for the sleeves were HUGE (each opening is 15 inches from shoulder to body) – so my alteration for this was to seam up the openings (I am using mattress stitch and seaming 5 inches on each side) then I picked up sleeve stitches. One sleeve is done, the other to join its partner shortly! Then all that is left is to decipher the button band instructions – wish me luck! I hope to have this completed before the week is over!


Clue number two for Kirsten Kapur’s Mystery shawl is out today and I am eager to continue knitting that!

I also am happy to report that I almost finished with The Goldfinch! I have just under 200 pages to go and hopefully will have it done this week! I have some good things in the “on deck reading circle” so I have some good incentive to get it done!

How is your summer reading going?

I am off to try to finish this sleeve and the button band. If you are looking for knitting or reading inspiration, there is always something good to be found on Ginny’s Yarn Along!

Have a great Wednesday!

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