Wednesday’s are for knitting and reading, okay, perhaps every day is for knitting and reading! But, today Ginny is leading us all with her Yarn Along!

So, on to the knitting: I am making great progress on my Summer Knit Along list, I have finished Aestlight, and I would have a photo for you, but it is currently getting a nice soak and then it will be ready for a wee bit of blocking. Not too much, I do not want the garter stitch sections to lose their lovely squishy feel. I will have photos to share soon!


I also have completed clue three of Through the Loops Mystery shawl, clue four is out today and I am ready to go!

Also, I have picked out another item from the WIP Basket to knit, this is another mystery shawl, this time from Jen Lucas. While the shawl is no longer a ‘mystery’ – I am working through Chart C. I am on repeat 2 of 6. Then I just have Chart D, which has 3 repeats. I am getting to the point of having lots of stitches on my needles, and they are growing with each repeat. It feels like the knitting is slow, but I am making progress. It is perfect for knitting and listening to a good book, like Still Life by Louise Penny. I am really happy with the recommendation that Carole gave on the Inspector Gamache books, I am enjoying book one tremendously and look forward to reading more from this series.

I am also still reading Jo Nesbo’s The Redbreast – I am about a quarter of the way though and, as previous books in this series, I am thoroughly enjoying the antics of Harry Hole.

I have a little bit of gardening to get done this morning, then you will find me under the pergola knitting and reading. Have a great Wednesday everyone!

P.S. On a spinning note, Sheepspot Fiber Club is open today for new registrations, just sayin’! You can read about my experience as a member here.


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