I know that this is usually a day for a 10 on Tuesday post, but while Carole is away, the proverbial mice will play, or knit, or spin, or stitch, or… you get the point.

So, Hello Crafters (Be you Knitters, Spinners, Stitchers, Crocheters, and regular 10 on Tuesday readers/participants)!

I wanted to do a bit of a check in with all of you as the first month draws to a close.

Why am I doing this if there are no rules? Well, here is the curious thing – apparently even no goals or rules can cause someone to feel like they are not accomplishing their goals.

I heard from one participant last week about her concern about finishing projects currently in process because she was casting on new projects.

Well…I just want to tell you all that I am jealous of those of you starting new projects. Those of you who are ignoring the WIPs and hear that seductive skein of yarn calling to you. There is something to be said for answering the siren call of a new project.

Yes, I am that person who wants to cast on all the things! Because it has been said that only finishing WIPs and no new projects makes Jill a dull girl.

So, I thought I’d share what I am doing to keep my momentum going on getting those blasted WIPs into the completed column.

I knew that having nothing new to work on would never last this summer, so I got myself some new yarn (thank you Jill Draper Makes Stuff) and I cast on the Through the Loops MKAL. This gives me something new to work on – and it comes in small bites with a clue each week! The clues are now getting longer, so it will take me more than a week to finish a clue, but I am going to focus on finishing this shawl by the end of July.

This is giving me something new to work on each week, and it has been giving me time to work on finishing things from that dratted WIP basket.

And, as an extra fun thing to do – I have a pair of socks in the works as well. This gives me a “portable project” to take with me, and one that I do not need to read a pattern for. Hello, Picot Socks – I do so love you!

Just so you can see my Summer List and how I am doing, I will share it 10 on Tuesday Style:

Ten items. Two down and eight to go…That’s a lotsa knitting, but we still have plenty of summer left to get our project on!!

So, where does that leave you dear, Knit Alonger? Please let me know – I am here to help! (or encourage, or talk you out of casting on a new project, or talk down from that ledge…)

*SSS = Second Sock Syndrome: a disease that infects some knitters, whereby they can knit one sock but it never gets a mate. This disease is not incurable, as I hope to prove this summer!

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