Last week I shared that this book showed up in several places in my internet world last week, and the library had it available digitally, so I borrowed it. I started reading it over the weekend, and while I am not too far into the book, it is causing me to think about lots of things. Curious things. Creative things. So far, I like it.

I finished reading The Redbreast and The Paris Architect (both of which I loved). The Paris Architect was a book I was not sure I would like, so I am using this one for a square in my Book Bingo (The book that I think I will dislike) however, I loved it. Really loved it! I am marking The Redbreast into the classic mystery square. No bingo’s yet, but my squares are getting filled in!

Book Bingo Card

I am listening to Dead Water by Anne Cleeves, and The Summer Before the War by Helen Simonson is up next. This should get me through a few more Summer Knit Along Projects!

I am not through clue 4 of Kirsten Kapur’s mystery knit along and in order to keep the mystery going, I am not looking ahead at the new clue that is out today. Yeah, there was no way I could get that clue done in the weeks time. Plus!! I also hope to be done with the first of two Jen Lucas no longer mystery shawls, I have about 30 rows to go, however they are LONG rows! I am not sure that the long rows are better than short rows of a knit on border – it seems that the edging on Aestlight went much quicker, but maybe that was because I had quickly memorized the pattern. Alas, there is no memorizing anything beyond a row in the Jen Lucas shawl, nor the mystery shawl. So, I have my charts keyed into knitCompanion, which helps tremendously for these long rows!

It also helps that the weather outside is simply glorious today, pergola knitting is on the schedule today and the audio book will join me!

But, tell me – How is your reading and knitting coming along this summer?



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