Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality. Nikos Kazantzakis

The basket holding the knitting does not seem to be shrinking in volume and reality tells me that I am unlikely to finish my list before the Labor Day weekend is over.

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However, I have made a small dent in the things I wanted to get done! And, that feels really good!

Some of the things that remain are there for a reason…

  • Pushkinia socks – I am pretty sure that I knit these with needle sizes other than what the pattern called for, but because I am not a genius, I did not write down what I used. Yeah, how smart is that?? Anyways, I have cast on, however the new sock gauge was WAY SMALLER than its mate. So, I need to do some swatching to see if I can get close, and if not – I will frog sock one and start over…This has placed these socks firmly in the UGH column and sadly, off the list for completion this summer.
  • Jen Lucas MKAL #1 – what on earth was I thinking knitting this will Dream in Color Jilly…I love the yarn, but it’s lace weight! However, it is staying on the list for completion this summer.
  • Jen Lucas MKAL #2 – I am playing yarn chicken with this one, I have a second skein, but I would rather not use it. However, letting it mature in my knitting bag will cause the yarn to mature and be longer (???) Yeah, that’s my story and I am sticking to it! Hahaha
  • Nahant – Has been languishing because it is no longer a portable knit (it is over 60 inches long now) and I have an error about 5 rows back that I need to take the time to fix…However, I do not want to rip back 5 rows. It is in timeout right now, but not yet to the UGH column.
  • Pincha – sadly was displaced by other knitting and spinning. For me this is a knit that, in order to avoid mistakes, requires me to knit one full feather at a sitting – which is about an hour of time. The weather has been far too lovely to sit watching television, but this is staying on the list because these are the perfect autumn colors!
  • Triticum – this is half a front and two sleeves away from seaming and completion…it is staying on the list even though I know it will be a stretch to get it done before Labor Day.

This Summer Knit Along has been very good in for me as it has kept me focused and provided a road map to get things done, even if I have had a few detours along the way!

How are you doing?


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