Hello 10 on Tuesday Readers! Carole has a uniquely challenging task for us this week. She wants to know:

Write a list of 10 words that describe you. The catch is that all the words should begin with the same letter as your first name!

Oh, boy…


Really? Words with a “k”???

Okay, with a little help from Dictionary.com, here goes nothing:

  1. Klutzy. Because, I am. Really!! Very Klutzy! **insert bruise photos here**
  2. Kind. Even when I don’t want to be.
  3. Knowledge seeker (or klife-klong klearner)
  4. Knitter. This is obvious…
  5. Kindle Reader. (Because it makes the task so much easier, especially at night!)
  6. Kneader of Bread. However, not so much lately
  7. An unKempt housekeeper. There you have it people, it is not my favorite thing to do. Ever.
  8. Kvelling, especially about my kiddos!
  9. Koffie drinker (Dutch spelling works, right?)
  10. Kitchen cooker. As opposed to a Grill Master, I cook in the kitchen, Steve cooks outdoors!)

There you have it. The Komplete Kworks of Kat!

How about you, Gentle Reader?? Share a word that describes you!

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