Hello, Gentle Readers! It’s Tuesday, and Carole is back and wants to know:

10 Things You Miss About Your Home When You’re Away

Hmmm, this might be a bit of a challenge, but let’s see how far I can get…

  1. My bed… of course this is number one, because well – it is perfect for sleeping. And, really – another bed is just never quite right, know what I mean?
  2. My routine…yes, I am a creature of habit – while I love change, I like somethings to be the same.
  3. A closet and dresser – living out of a suitcase can be a challenge
  4. My spinning wheel – although, for an upcoming trip I am planning on bringing a drop spindle or two…
  5. My own bathroom. Enough said.
  6. My water – really, your body gets used to the water where you are, different water feels different, smells different, and yes – tastes different.
  7. I would say the library, however, thanks to Overdrive and a Kindle this is no longer the issue it could be.
  8. My stash… yes, really!! It is challenging to pack knitting projects!!
  9. My kitchen. I like to cook, and I eat much better (healthier?) if I prepare the meal.
  10. Sherman… our preference is to take him with us, but sometimes that is just not possible. When it’s not – I miss him horribly.

There you have it – what I miss most when I am away from home! How about you? What do you miss most?

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