Last week I shared my Plethora of Knitting that needs a washing and some serious Kon-Mari.

Yesterday, I began the re-purpose portion of my Kon-Mari binge! I began with what I thought would be the easiest – The Purple Custom Fit That No Longer Fits Sweater.

Step one was to rip out the collar band – easy peasy.

Step two was to mark out where I would cut – to do this I “yarn basted” with some scrap yarn to give me a guideline as to where to put in my crochet steeks.

Step three – crochet steeks, which were made incredibly easy by a quick review of MaryJane Mucklestone’s fantastic article in the latest Interweave Knits!

Step four involved a scissors! And, it was not scary at all! Really! The crochet steeks are just the most awesome things. The fabric just folds back at the steek. I left about 4 columns of knitting on the outside of the steek – I am still deciding whether I will trim this back a bit or just stitch this down to the back.

Step five – pick up stitches! Pretty simple.

Step six – knit the band/collar. I am not sure exactly how much I will knit, but for sure at least 4 inches, maybe more.

Thus far, Knit Kon-Mari Repurposed is going well.

Rehoming of some knits is also taking place, some knits will be delivered to the USPS to begin their journey to their new home!

All in all, a very good week for Knit Kon-Mari! How about you? Are you doing some Knit Kon-Mari?



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