Happy Wednesday in a goofed up week, because I think it really feels like Tuesday today.

That being said, the weekend is one day closer and that is not a bad thing.


This week I have this incredible urge to knit sweaters! Ravelry and a certain blog are not helping in this urge but I am plugging away on my repurposed Custom Fit That No Longer Fit Pullover Turned Cardigan. In the game of picking up stitches it is always a challenge to get the perfect balance between too few vs. too many stitches, I lost the first round (in the too few category) so I ripped back and started over again. This time looks much better which reinforces that you do indeed win some and lose some! Also, this pro-tip might be of some help in the Crochet Steek Category. I did not find this on any website or blog, however, with my Steeked Stopover – I noted a bit of flaring of the steeked edges. I followed instructions to crochet in each stitch along the edge. I noted this same occurrence in this sweater, so I crocheted in 3 out of every 4 stitches. This gave me a much neater edge with no waviness. I likewise picked up less to begin the sweater bands, but I did not need to do so – I should have been smart enough to figure that out. However, I hope this tip helps you in your future sweater projects!

I am also working on finishing Triticum and I am really itching to cast on some new things. I am trying to hold off, but I am not sure I will win that battle. The sweaters are just calling to me, what can I say.

I finished listening to LaRose, and while I finished it I really have mixed feelings about it. I loved the detailed storytelling, but it really surrounded a devastating story. I am still troubled by parts of it.

However, this week I am back to a story that I truly do not want to end – The Secrets of Mary Bowser. I have just a few chapters left and I am entirely enthralled with the story. I think Mary is a wonder and as the tale expands I am more in love with her. She is a true heroine!

I am also reading book six (The Hanging Girl) of the Department Q Series – so, so good! I just adore Carl Morck!

That is all I have for this mixed up day – and as usual, I am joining Ginny and her Yarn Along.

What are you itching to cast on?

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