slog /släɡ/ verb 1. work hard over a period of time. synonyms: grind, slave, plod, toil

For me, Sleeve Island is the slog of sweater knitting. The slowest part of the entire process (although maybe not for this sweater – it all has been slow going!!)

However, in working the  K1P1 shawl collar on my modified pullover I may have discovered the other slog of knitting. These rows are LONG!

Conversation from last night:

Steve: When will that be done?

Me: I think I need 15 more rows…

Steve: How long will that take?

There’s a confidence booster for you! Haha! Just so it is written down somewhere, my goal is to have this DONE before we leave on vacation.

Perhaps, Inspector Gamache can help!

Teaming up with Ginny and the Yarn Along today where you can find plenty of production on the knitting and reading front!

What is your knitting slog?

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