First there was 10 On Tuesday:

I am sad to say that I was late to the 10 on Tuesday party, although I had been reading Carole’s blog for a long time I was an infrequent (ok, maybe less than infrequent) commenter and it was not until last November when she inspired me to join her in NaBloPoMo that I finally began actively participating.

Once I started I loved it!! I eagerly awaited the arrival of the weekly email! I was a such religious 10 on Tuesday poster that on weeks that Carole was on vacation, I made up my own Ten on Tuesday posts (here) (and here)!

That being said, every week was not always an easy list of 10 things to write about, however, if I wanted to participate, I needed to get creative! And those bits of writing about something I really did not like taught me to stretch my writing muscle!

When Carole made the decision that 10 on Tuesday had perhaps run its course, a big part of me was so sad! And, I shared those sentiments on her post and imagine my surprise when she and I began a discussion around those thoughts!

A new idea was born:

Welcome to Think…Write…Thursday!

It will be similar to Ten on Tuesday in that you sign up for the weekly emails right here and in return for signing up, you will receive an email prompt (Just like Ten on Tuesday) with a topic for you to write about. Are you ready to have some fun with us? Expand your creative writing muscle? Write about a topic however the creative flow strikes you? (I mean, there are no writing police for blogs and there are no minimum or maximum word counts!)

PLUS, there is this amazing, incredibly loyal, and kind blogging community that Carole has built around her Ten on Tuesday posts.

Won’t you join in and write creatively with us? I really hope you do!

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