It has been a rough couple of weeks at Casa del KatKnits – stress has been on overdrive in all aspects of my life.

However, then there is Sherman. Who greets me each day as if it is the best moment of his life and he has not seen me for ages! Which is hilarious, because he sleeps in the bedroom with us! Yet, each morning it is the same. This festival of good morning wiggles, snuggles, and puppy kisses.

He is the one constant in my day – he sleeps under my feet when I am at my desk.

If I am knitting, he is next to me.

When I cook dinner, he is laying on the kitchen rug – vigilantly watching for any morsels that might drop!

In short, he is my constant companion and simply, the best thing ever! He even is there when I am cleaning the bathroom, as the photo above shares.

And, really – that friend that stays with you when you are doing that, is really the best friend of all!

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