For this week’s Think Write Thursday we are welcoming December with a hearty hello:

Hello, dear December,

I love you so much, but you can be a bit overwhelming at times.

With the flurry of activities that you bring, it seems that you can be over and done with before I even know it.

This year let’s try something different, shall we?

I think we will both be much happier if we slowed down and savored the season.

I love the anticipation that is Advent…my savoring plan to appreciate Advent each day will start with some Advent meditation.

I love the decorating portion of preparing for Christmas. The tree is up, the lights are on – but there are no ornaments on yet. AND – the tree in this state is not making me crazy! I know, right? My savoring plan for tree trimming is that it will be part of this Friday’s Happy Hour celebration – cocktails, good eats, music – and Steve and I will trim the tree together.

I love the foods of Christmas, and especially the sweets. However, all those sweets are unnecessary – and don’t fit in with the diet very well. My savoring plan for cookie baking will be to bake just one or two favorites – and it a manageable quantity (not dozens and dozens of cookies of a million different types!) And, these will be things to savor – one or two at a time – over the course of the month.

Other things to that I will be doing to remind myself to slow down and savor… tune out the news and tune in the Christmas music or turn off the television and open a book and read – things that are a good reminder that the world will keep, but December won’t.

I am glad you are here December and I am looking forward to spending some quality time together!

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