When I saw this bit of anticipation starting at Bonny’s and Kym’s – I was all in.

However, my attempt seems to be mediocre at best. Planted yesterday and this morning with my morning coffee I began the “You can grow!” pep talks. Somehow, Carole and I are on the same wavelength because I got some paper whites as well. I am holding out little hope that the Amaryllis will grow, but maybe must maybe it will surprise me.

Then I read about Vicki’s light issues and not to be one left out on such riotous fun, last night the top of our tree decided to join the Lights Out Party.

The mediocrity of having to remove ornaments to fix this issue is really awesome. However, leaving my angel unlit seems like an affront to all that is holy on Christmas. So, tree adjustment is on my list for today!

Finally, Kay had such fun photos in her Instagram feed last night from her Pussy Hat Knit In. Casting on will be my reward for completing my list. The Pinkening is indeed Nigh!!

That is all I have for today – I am off to find more things to imitate with all the mediocrity I can muster!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

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