This week’s Think Write Thursday is to plan a dinner party, inviting 3 people, living or dead. To guide you, consider some or all of these questions: obviously, who will you invite? How will you invite them? What will you serve? Will it be a fancy dinner or a casual affair? What will the topics of conversation be? Who will go home early and who will stay the longest?

Surprisingly, I really struggled with this post – there are so many possibilities and even more conversations!

So, who would I invite?

First off, I will admit here freely that I would IMMEDIATELY call a cleaning person.

While they are whisking about spiffing things up, I would be working on the list of invitees…

Here is where the challenge comes in – the hardest part of this, who do I really want to invite?

I had entertained thoughts of HRC, or Gloria Steinem, or Winston Churchill… Or perhaps a more historical dinner with Abraham Lincoln, or George Washington, or Alexander Hamilton… Or maybe a knitter’s dinner with EZ, or Franklin Habit, or Kate Davies…

I really was leaning to the Knitter’s dinner and then yesterday happened…

After seeing some of the hearings and watching the debacle that was hilariously called a “press conference” yesterday – I realized exactly who I need to invite:

Senator John Lewis, Carl Bernstein, and Michael Moore

I know, right?

An evening of resistance training and planning is just what I need.

What to eat, well since I would NOT want to miss out on any conversation – I would likely set up a meat and cheese board with appropriate cocktails.

Topics of conversation? Obviously, RESISTANCE!! And, I think Michael Moore has some excellent ideas on that very subject, but I think that the things that John Lewis would add with his rich history in peacefully protesting for the people’s rights are vital. And, Bernstein – I mean really. We will need excellent investigative journalists in the coming days – perhaps more than ever!

I would hope that conversation would continue long after the food had dwindled and that we would all be surprised by the lateness of the hour at the end of the evening. And, perhaps over the course of the evening, I would be left feeling that things won’t be as bad as I fear they will…

Now, tell me about you – who would you invite?

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