We have all known the long loneliness, and we have found that the answer is community. – Dorothy Day

Friday was a low day – I felt bleak, without hope, and fearful. I attempted to avoid the as much of the news of the day that I could manage. I did not watch the inauguration and it seems I was in good company as the numbers watching both in person and per the Nielsen ratings reflected that much of America did the same! (Despite what the Liar-in-Chief and his band of dolts want to tell us)

I really wanted to attend the March in Washington, but Steve was concerned that something would happen – so I stayed home and attended the Pittsburgh Sister March. I dragged Steve with me – although he would not wear a pink hat (there were many amazing men wearing pussy hats though! Bravo to them!!) Saturday’s march in Pittsburgh was incredible – the people just kept coming! People of all ages, men and women – it was incredible! The estimates for the march were 25,000, however, I think the number was a bit more than that. (And, if you went to a march you can register your presence by texting “count me” to 89800 – they have an active Google Doc with the tallies).

However, something magical happened on Saturday – the bleak, hopeless, fearful feelings were replaced with feelings of hope and promise. 25k (plus) people who were all kind, focused, non-violent, caring, and unified – it was so amazing. Suddenly, it clicked – I am not alone, I have this incredible community! It was so phenomenal watching the news about the other entirely peaceful marches that happened all over the world on Saturday – peaceful, no violence – kind of impossible to imagine, but the reality is that this is the perfect foil for the name calling, lie-filled opposition. It is energizing – and I am ready to get to work on the next thing!

That’s right, Saturday was not a one-off for me – last night I was on the MoveOn.org, Indivisible, and Working Families Party phone call to get my plan ready for #ResistTrumpTuesday – more community means increase feelings of hope and promise. When the first things discussed on the call revolved around only loving, peaceful protest – I knew without a doubt that this movement is not starting off in a bad way.

Now – I want to share with you a couple of easy actions for you join me in doing today:

  1. The 65 is rallying around Protesting Betsy DeVos’s confirmationso call your State Representatives today!!
  2. Also – MoveOn.org and #ResistTrumpTuesday – these will be ongoing for the next 100 days. This week’s action can be found at moveon.org/jan24 There is a search option to find a group near you – JOIN THEM! It is the community you want to be part of! (I will make sure that I keep you all updated on what the plan is for the following week – really, we are in this together!)

Happy Monday and welcome to the community!

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